Saturday, March 18, 2023

MUST SEE!!!!! Policing for PROFIT-----Small Town Police Dept is Out of Control

"Big Mac - 1 year ago (edited)
I am a former employee for the Town of Brookside and its police department. 
I worked as one of their dispatchers and I can only describe the experience as psychological terror. 
The employees are treated as bad if not worse than those stopped by the police. 
I quit after a year for many reasons, namely the corruption and horrid behavior. 
For over a year I told people the stories and no one believed me or thought I was just a disgruntled ex employee. 
It’s so nice to see justice on the way after having to sit back and see it go on for so long. 
Also, if anyone is curious, look up Mike Jones and his past. 
He is a known embezzler but was hired by Brookside despite this fact. 
If anyone is wondering where all this money is going then I can tell you — it’s going in his pocket and the mayor’s pocket. 
Thanks again for shedding light on this."

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