Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Fake company, fake promises, fake "profits", "free-fish". REAL taxpayer theft!-----Canadian company to turn milk into ethanol at $41M Michigan plant -

Canadian company to turn milk into ethanol at $41M Michigan plant -
"The Dairy Distillery Alliance plans to invest $41 million in a facility that will turn a milk byproduct into ethanol.
"...The Dairy Distillery Alliance is partnering with the Michigan Milk Producers Association to develop the plant in Constantine near the Indiana border in St. Joseph County.
The Michigan Strategic Fund awarded the project a $2 million grant during its Tuesday, May 23 meeting. 
It also received a 15-year tax break valued at $751,900
The plant is expected to create 12 jobs paying an average of $1,487 a week, according to a project memo.
...The project received state support to locate the plant in Michigan instead of a competing site in Indiana...
  • During the Tuesday meeting, the Michigan Strategic Fund also gave Atlantis Fish Co. approval to seek a $100 million tax-exempt bond to finance a water system to produce fresh salmon in Muskegon County...

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