Tuesday, May 23, 2023

What reparations really are about - Don Surber

What reparations really are about - Don Surber
$100,000. Do I hear $250,000?
$250,000. Do I hear $500,000?
$500,000. Do I hear $1,000,000?
Fox reported, “San Francisco reparations task force member touts tax on billionaires to get $5 million per black city resident.
  • ...Democrat Congresswoman Cori Bush wants to extort $14 trillion for reparations. She was a nurse and pastor before she entered politics. In her third term in Congress, she now has a net worth of $5 million...
That the congresswoman, Amos Brown and the New York Times use past liberalism to rationalize their new liberal idea is classic chutzpah.
  • Their solution created a problem that they want to solve again.
  • Of course, liberals do not wish to solve any problem
  • Their goal is to destroy things and increase their power.
In the 1970s, liberals promoted affirmative action as a reparations...

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