Saturday, September 30, 2023

Hmmm...-----Burn Back Better; It's Not Climate Change, it's Psychopathy

Burn Back Better; It's Not Climate Change, it's Psychopathy - ELIZABETH NICKSON
  • These aren't fires, they are exterminations.
  • Covert geo-engineering has been used for decades and this summer was used to burn down forests and towns including Lahaina to scare people into the extreme behaviour modification required for Agenda 2030 and Net Zero.
"...everyone’s favourite Maui town incinerated and 1,000 children and hundreds of elderly dying in the worst way imaginable. 
Add in the keystone cops incompetence of administrators, the carelessness, the heartlessness was psychopathic. 
  • No, I don’t think that not sounding the siren was a mistake. 
  • No, I don’t think One Hawaii’s Smart Water program of shutting off the water on that day, was a mistake. No, I don’t think it was an accident that schools were closed for the day. 
  • Yes, I think the firefighters were stood down on purpose. 
  • Yes, I think the celebrities hired private fire fighters. 
  • Yes, the “winds” were engineered. 
  • Yes, Maui has the largest space supercomputing research installation in the world and of course they have Direct Energy Weapons. 
  • Yes, I think they only burned the shops and houses of lower income Hawaiians in order to take the town and land and turn it into a ghastly Dubai-like pleasure palace for the rich, heedless and criminal.
That was one motive. 
The other is the big one. 
  • It is to scare enough Karens to force the commodification of carbon, a multi-trillion dollar business and pretty much the only growth industry available to the psychopaths in government and the plutocracy. 
Make us pay to breathe...

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