Thursday, September 28, 2023

The rot in the Fox-Dominion settlement

The rot in the Fox-Dominion settlement - JOE FRIED CPA
"...People wonder why Fox waited so long to settle. 
I suspect that the last minute settlement may have been triggered by the last minute selection of the jury. 
This requires a frank conversation.
Just before the settlement was reached, jurors were selected. 
Some people from the left side of politics, like a journalist for Slate, seemed gleeful. 
Justin Peters put out a piece titled, “Meet the jury that will decide Fox News’ fate,” in which he pointed out that the jury appeared to be mostly minority. 
Why did he feel it was important to describe the racial makeup of the jury?
  • Even the judge seemed to be thinking along those lines. 
CNN reported that after “the racially diverse jury” was selected, and after a settlement was reached, the judge stated:
Your presence here, short compared to what you thought, and uneventful in a certain sense, was extremely important. Without you, the parties would not have been able to resolve their situation.
Hmm! The judge thought that the very brief “presence” of the jury spurred a settlement. I wonder what he meant!...

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