Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Anthony Fauci Was America's Warmup Dictator

Anthony Fauci Was America's Warmup Dictator
  • He institutionalized the purposeful lie, suppressed critics, mastered emergency politics, even sold himself as a sex symbol. 
  • Anthony Fauci gave the next monster a playbookMATT TAIBBI
"Exposés in Public and Racket this week showed Anthony Fauci engaged in the bureaucratic version of witness tampering, using a dubious “Proximal Origin” paper he helped engineer to divert attention from the possibility that Covid-19, too, was a viral Frankenstein’s monster. 
Apart from a few conservative outlets, no one picked up the story. 
How screwed up is the U.S. right now? 
  • The nation’s top medical official for years worked in public and private to stifle investigation of our worst health crisis, which increasingly looks like a unparalleled man-made catastrophe. 
He’s going to skate on it, because upper-class America is now so deep into mass mental illness that it’s more likely to make a sex symbol of corruption than punish it...

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