Friday, October 27, 2023

Those Who Promote Antisemitism Will Destroy America, Too

Those Who Promote Antisemitism Will Destroy America, Too - Laura Hollis 
"After the Oct. 7 slaughter in Israel, author Brigitte Gabriel posted on X (formerly Twitter) about her experiences growing up in Lebanon. 
She described her childhood in the once-prosperous and peaceful country as "idyllic" and recalled how its capital, Beirut, had been hailed as the "Paris of the Middle East."
  • All that changed as Muslim extremists gained control of the country and plunged it into war. Both Jewish and Christian families like Gabriel's were persecuted...
Mobs have swarmed into our city streets, decrying Israel as an "oppressor" and an "apartheid state." 
Israel is blamed for making Gaza an "open-air prison" without the corresponding acknowledgment that if the Palestinian "leadership" had not devoted every dollar and ounce of effort into wiping Israel off the map...Gaza could be a little paradise..
  • Social media is filled with videos of people tearing down posters of kidnapped Israelis, screaming obscenities at pro-Israel speakers, and carrying signs calling for "decolonization" or the "cleansing" of Jews from the Middle East.
Most Americans are shocked; where has this come from?
In no small part from our colleges and universities...
It's time to hold academia accountable...

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