Sunday, October 29, 2023

UK has fallen-----Guess Where Some Hamas Big-Wigs Were Found Living

Guess Where Some Hamas Big-Wigs Were Found Living - BY KEVIN DOWNEY JR. 
"Hamas heavyweight Muhammad Qassem Sawalha, 62, was discovered living in London in a home bankrolled by UK citizens. 
  • Here’s the kicker: he lives in a Jewish neighborhood. Apparently, living amongst Jews isn’t so bad if a huge chunk of your home is paid for with someone else’s cheddar.
  • Sawalha and his wife scored a tasty $136,500 taxpayer-funded kiss when they bought a two-story home in London for $390,000. The house is paid off.
Sawalha, who is wanted in Israel for being a member of Hamas, skedaddled to London using a cousin’s passport in the 1990s and snagged his own British passport in the early 2000s...
But wait, there’s more. 
More terrorists!...

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